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A roof is a must above everybody’s head. As important as it is to have a roof above, it is crucial to have a properly built and maintained roof.

Possessing over 20 years of experience in leakage diagnostics as well as implementing residential and commercial roof repair services, we offer you the best roof leakage in Singapore.

Roofing works are essential to protect structural integrity and prevent unwanted damages to your homes and offices in the future. Roof leakages are a common problem faced by many building owners and it is not always easy to find a quick fix for these kinds of problems.

We are at your service with the best roof leakage solution, including roof tile repair and roof leakage treatment to protect your roof from bothersome rainwater leakages and damages caused by the scorching sun.

Despite how well you get your roof built, over time due to various reasons – especially long-term causes like extreme heat from the sun or long-term rainfall, leakages and other defects that need immediate repair start inevitably appearing here and there. This could cause moisture on the interior walls and ceilings as well as weakening of the roof which could even challenge your safety. We offer roof leakage repair services in Singapore and we assure you that our leakage repair specialists are always capable of providing you with the best service to bring your roof back to its brand new condition.


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We are a team of professional roof repair specialists in Singapore, certified and well experienced to safely handle all kinds of your residential and commercial roof repair needs with cost-effective solutions. We only use the highest-quality materials for your homes and offices so you can get results that last. Our team is well equipped with technology to detect and locate the leakages precisely. Their vast experience can treat leakages in the best possible way, regardless of what the damages are caused by.

We are pleased to provide you with an extremely friendly and high quality service where all your suggestions, requirements and requests will be addressed and fulfilled with no hesitation.

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