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Leading Painting Contractor in Singapore

Established Company With Reliable Painting Services

We pride ourselves on our 20 years of experience in professional painting services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Singapore. Proper exterior and interior painting are a top priority in homes and offices.

Whether it is a complete makeover or a new painting project, any building needs a meticulous paint job with an impeccable finish. Not only does it make you feel different, a coat of paint can help preserve its exterior surface from gritty concrete, plaster, dust and other allergens to a minimum.

Bad painting, on the other hand, creates serious problems to the integrity of your home structure. Since interior walls are made of materials that are highly absorbent, paint can peel off and spoil a home’s real estate value due to a counter changing tropical weather condition. If you haven’t painted the walls in a long time, you might also find the older colors to be less vibrant or cozy.

Hiring reliable professional painting services in Singapore to do the painting treatment for you can prevent unwanted future costs. Achieving optimum performance fights against natural elements like sunlight and heavy rain. Giving the home a refreshing look also improves the air you breathe, modernizes every interior living feature while uplifting the walls and other homely built-ins.

There has been tremendous progress in paint quality over the last few decades. If you are a color enthusiast keen on making your home more appealing than the others in your neighborhood, you can pick and choose your favorite color scheme with a professional painting contractor like Roofwerkz. From HDB painting, cooling colors, warm tones to the latest trends, our premium painting packages and services suit every homeowner’s budget.

Committed to Providing Reliable Painting Services to All Our Customers

Our team of professional painting contractors is certified and experienced to safely handle all your residential and commercial painting needs with cost-effective solutions.

We only use the highest-quality paint with better pigmentation for your homes and offices. Good pigmentation gives more coverage, color, and depth to your paint job so you can get results that last.

Contact Us Now

Kind Building Services Pte Ltd offers professional painting services in Singapore. Call us now at 6841 6962 or email us at


For any waterproofing, painting, roofing or other building works!