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With over 20 years of experience and an excellent team of professionals, we are at your service to fulfill all kinds of commercial roofing requirements. Kind Building Service is well-reputed in the roofing industry for being trustworthy to customers, and for providing excellent service.

Our commercial roofing company assures you to get your roof built with the best technology, within a customer-friendly price range. We offer both commercial roof installation, and commercial roof repair. Our services include,

  •    Re-Roofing
  •    Roof Ridge & Spot Pointing Repair
  •    Other Roofing Work – (Including waterproofing, partial replacement & Roof cleaning etc…)


Committed to Providing Quality Service to All Our Customers

We have shown our excellence in the commercial roofing industry in Singapore for a long time, and when it comes to the quality of our service, we always provide the best service to our customers. Our team at Kind Building Service is well-trained and highly professional, thus all your commercial roofing will be done by the most reliable hands.

We prioritise customer safety, convenience, and satisfaction, and we highly value the trust our customers keep in us when meeting their roofing demands. We are renowned in the commercial industrial roofing field for using the best materials and tools in our work, and we always guarantee the durability of our commercial roof installations and repairs.

We are committed to building the best roof over your head, and your suggestions and requests are always respected and adhered to in the process.


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Re-Roofing: If you are looking for a cost-effective method of roof repair, you could consult with one of our roofing specialists, and opt for the re-roofing method. Re-roofing is the fastest way to restore your roof as it involves the replacement of the old roofing sheet partial /or the entire roof, leaving the main structure as it is. For re-roofing, we use a variety of materials to cater for different types of main structure & usage.

Other Roofing Work: We provide a vast range of services related to roofing, and it also includes waterproofing services. Many residential and commercial roofs are prone to water leaks due to a variety of factors such as poor drainage and extreme weather conditions. As expert waterproofing service providers, we assure you that we will fix your roofs with our best technology, preventing further damage to your interiors. Our team of waterproofing specialists is well-experienced in leakage diagnostics, as well as waterproofing roofs built of different materials like metal, reinforced concrete, and tileAccording to the condition of the roof, we offer the following services in waterproofing,

  1. Acrylic polymer waterproofing coating
  2. Cementitious waterproofing coating
  3. Torch-on membrane

We believe that being proactive is much more efficient than being reactive. Hence, we advise our customers to regularly maintain their commercial roofs to enhance their durability and to avoid grave damages in the distant future. Kind Building Service also provides roof maintenance services like painting and guttering, apart from installation and repairing, to make your commercial roof last longer.

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