13 Jul 2022
Timber Decking
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13 Jul2022
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Timber Decking
What is The Best Decking Timber to Use

Timber decking is one of the styles that can give your property a luxurious, and modern look while preserving its natural touch. When you get a decking done out of timber, you need to be concerned about which decking timber to use. Both natural and composite timber decking in Singapore is done by a bunch of well-reputed companies and you are given a range of timber wood decking choices that could be the best match for your house or business property.

Decking timber has two main types: natural timber wood decking and composite timber decking. Composite timber comes with longer durability and the finishing can be done in any natural wood color of your choice. But, no matter how well-treated the timber is, it does not look as natural as the teak of Merbau. Here are some facts about the types of timber that you can use for decking.

Are you a fan of natural wood? Which timber suits you the most on your deck?


  1. Merbeau


Merbau has been in timber decking for years and years. It was even used to build house frames in the past, and it is still a quite popular choice. It is less expensive, yet has a durability rating of 2, which is great. It is rot and insect resistant. The Merbau that goes on your deck comes from the Southeast Asian rainforests.

  1. Teak 


Considering the choice of the majority, teak can be crowned as the king of wood. Due to its alluring color, grains, and natural oils, it fits perfectly as a durable deck. Its natural oil resists termites and acts as a lubricant for the wood. Teak is highly recommended for outdoor fittings and it comes in two types: Indonesian teak and Burmese teak.

  1. Chengal


Specifically, in Singapore, chengal has become a common selection due to its high durability and hardness. However, hairline cracks and pinholes caused by weather conditions and insects are frequent issues that come with it.

  1. Ironwood


Even though it is famous as a decking timber in Singapore, ironwood is a great recommendation for supporting structural material rather than decking as it comes with hairline cracks like chengal. Nevertheless, as marked by its very name, ironwood is quite hard and durable.

  1. Balau


If you are going for the cheapest option, balau is the one. It is hard enough for a deck, but the cons are: being susceptible to rot, and being prone to termite attacks if not treated properly.

  1. Treated Pine

Treated Pine

Treated pine is one of the most popular members of the timber wood decking family. It has become a frequent choice of a lot of people due to two reasons. Treated pine is one of the least expensive decking timber types that can give a magnificent look to your deck.

Natural Timber Decking or Composite Timber Decking?

The two edges of decking choices, natural timber, and composite timber come with their own set of pros and cons.

Natural timber gives your deck a lavish look with its natural wood color, and grain patterns, while composite timber gives it a less natural look even after painting.

However, natural timber requires proper maintenance yearly to strengthen its durability, unlike composite timber. As well, it is prone to discoloration and slight surface damages if fixed outdoors in the bright sun.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for timber that is more comfortable for your feet, natural is the way to go. Composite timber does not have the soft touch of natural timber, and the sun heats it instantly, whereas natural wood disperses heat quickly, giving a comfortable sensation to your feet.

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