13 Oct 2021
Building Maintenance
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13 Oct2021
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Routine building maintenance is important in maintaining the appearance and safety of your building. For commercial building owners, you need to uphold various aspects of building maintenance that get worn out by environmental conditions and frequent use.

Following a building routine maintenance checklist can help you avoid costly and serious problems down the road. During routine maintenance, you will be able to determine if your property requires minor building upgrading work or replacement of certain parts. Here’s a simple guide and checklist to help you with keeping everything safe and working as it should.

1. Roofing

commercial roofing
Roofs need to be inspected at least once every six months. During a roof inspection, you should take note to:

● Check for the presence of cracks and leaks
● Check roof connections between the wall and roof flashing for cracks or tears
● Check for the presence of rust on metal roofs
● Clear debris from roof drainage
● Install roofing membrane protection

2. External & Internal façade & slab inspection

External & Internal façade & slab inspection

Similar to roofing, it should be inspected at least once every six months. During the inspection, you should take note to:

● Check for the presence of crack & leak
● Check for the presence of spalling concrete
● Check for the presence of any flaking or loose adhering paint work.

3. Lighting


Periodic inspection of the lighting system and power supply needs to be carried out to prevent defects from occurring. During the frequent and daily inspection of the lighting systems, take note to:

● Check lights with the control gear, transformers and other accessories
● Check for hardware issues like screws, cables and gaskets
● Check and replace defective light bulbs when needed
● Check the relamping schedule

4. Plumbing

building plumbing system

Plumbing issues may not be that easy to spot until they occur, but regular maintenance that knows when to replace a valve can help you prevent serious wear and tear problems. Plumbing inspection should be carried out once every year, and you should take note to:

● Check pipe couplings for water leaks
● Check water heaters and boilers
● Check and replace refrigerants and oils whenever necessary
● Check wall and ceiling fixtures in public restrooms for the presence of leaks
● Inspect sewage pumps for wear and tear
● Lubricate water pumps and circulation systems
Other Long-term Maintenance Needs

As part of the building routine maintenance checklist, you should also be carrying out long-term inspections for

● Access control systems: once every three to four months or depending on the vendor’s maintenance requirements
● Doors, gates, and windows: at least once every year
● Electrical systems: once every three to five years

Reliable Minor Building Upgrading Works In Singapore

During routine maintenance of your commercial building, it is important to address any structural problems found to prevent major issues from developing. Kind Building Service are experienced building repair and maintenance professionals. Our team of professionals provide reliable minor building upgrading work and building cracks repair services in Singapore. Find out more about our cost-effective solutions here.

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