31 May 2021
Residential roofing
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31 May2021
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Residential roofing
roof repair and roof replacement

Roofs are the most fundamental aspects of a home. They stand between the interior of your home and the external world, shielding against heavy rain, the blazing sun, and strong wind. Over time, the roof will deteriorate and will need to be repaired or replaced, depending on its condition. 

However, it may be difficult for average homeowners to determine if their damaged roof needs repairs or a replacement. 

Below are a few ways for you to decide whether to repair or replace your roof.

Consider Roof Repair If:

1. Your roof only has minor damage.

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If the damage to your roof is only minor, a total roof replacement would be a costly expense to make. Instead, it will be more cost-effective to engage in roof repair services. 

Roof leaks, for instance, are the most common reasons why homeowners will need to repair or replace a roof. If the leak is within a small area, like over the kitchen or bathroom, chances are the damage was sustained from an isolated section of the roof.

Experienced roofing contractors can find the source of the leak and patch up the small holes quickly Besides providing roof leakage repair services, roofing contractors can also easily fix other minor damages like torn, missing parts of the roof, minor cracks, and blistering of the shingles.

2. You need it fixed at a quick notice.

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The time it takes for a major overhaul of your roof can range anywhere from a few months to a year. From taking time to negotiate and funding the replacement roof, to bearing with noisy construction works, it can be very inconvenient especially if you are working from home or have other needs to attend to. 

Alternatively, roof repair works can be done quickly by a roofing contractor. You can easily have your roof problem fixed at a quick notice without affecting your busy schedule or the peace of your home.

3. You are on a tight budget.

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Simple roof repairs can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars spent getting a new roof. For new homeowners looking to reduce expenses, engaging roof repair services can help them offset the cost of their renovation budget. Professional roofing repair services can make your roof look as good as new at a much more affordable price.

Consider Roof Replacement If:

1. Your roof is significantly damaged.

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Sometimes, significant damages like a tree collapsing onto your roof or leaks appearing in several places might make simple roof repairs virtually impossible. A total roof replacement should be considered if the damage extends over 30% of your roof. 

When replacing your roof, you may also invest in higher-quality roofing materials that are wind- and fire-resistant so your new roof can withstand damages better in the future.

2. Your roof has reached the end of its life span.

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All roofs have a life span. Should your roof be nearing 20 years old, it may be time to consider replacing it. Certain roof materials like asphalt shingles have a life span between 15-30 years and will start to degrade and fall apart with time. 

Besides solving safety issues, a roof replacement can spruce up the look of your home. A new roof is always visually appealing and can help liven up and revitalize your property.

Consult Experienced Roofing Contractors

Kind Building Service has 20 years of experience in offering extensive roof leakage repair services. As experienced residential roofing contractors, our dedicated team of roofing specialists are ready to help homeowners determine their next course of action when it comes to roof repair or replacement. 

Let us help solve your roofing problems quickly. Call us now at 6841 6962 or email us at kindbs.pang@gmail.com for a free consultation.

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