18 Aug 2020
Commercial roofing
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18 Aug2020
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Commercial roofing
metal roofing singapore

A roof is a significant investment. Whether you’re buying it for your home or business, you need to understand various options and determine the right one for your needs. A metal roofing system is popular because of its appearance and longevity. But like other roofing materials, it has its own strengths and weaknesses.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the advantages of using a residential or commercial metal roofing. See if it’s the right choice for you, too. Let’s begin.


Many homeowners invest in metal roofing because of its longevity. It can last as long as the property, depending on the type of material used. It doesn’t corrode nor crack and it can also protect your house from a fire that’s coming from an outside source. If you don’t plan on moving any time soon, you’re sure to make full use of your metal roof and enjoy good returns on investment.


Another advantage of a metal roofing system is its ability to reflect heat. Some types of metal roof can also be coated with a special pigment to further reduce heat gain. In Singapore, the midday heat can be tough. Having a metal roof can help reduce dependency on air conditioning units for comfort. This translates to savings on electricity bills.


Metal is also lighter than other roofing materials. Because of this, you don’t have to invest as much on structural support. In some cases, you can also apply metal roofing over an existing roofing material without having to increase supporting structures. You don’t have to rip off the old roof to make room for the metal roof, which in turn also reduces waste.


A professional roofing contractor should be able to install your commercial metal roofing system quickly. When the duration of the construction or renovation project is shortened, the overall labor costs are also reduced.


A properly-installed metal roof can last long with minimal upkeep. Maintenance can also add up and increase the costs of owning a roofing system. A metal roof is resistant to rotting, mold, and mildew. It also doesn’t crumble or discolor. The most that you need to do is to have experts inspect your roof regularly to see if it needs commercial roof repair.


A metal roof is a sustainable option as it’s often made from recycled materials. It can also be recycled 100 percent. This means that it can be used repeatedly! It reduces waste materials and also doesn’t decrease in strength even when recycled. If you’re looking to explore more eco-friendly practices, a metal roofing can also help. It can be used for solar panels or rainwater management.

No single type of roofing material is perfect for all projects

That’s why you need to be meticulous right from the start before deciding which material to use. A commercial metal roofing works great, but depending on your requirements, it may or may not be a suitable choice.

We’ve outlined above some of the advantages of using a metal roof in Singapore and should you go for it too, be sure to partner with a reputable contractor for proper installation, regular maintenance, and honest pricing.

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