27 Apr 2020
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27 Apr2020
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Even if it’s not your first time hiring a service provider for your home, it’s always tough to choose one when the need arises. When looking for a waterproofing specialist in Singapore, you probably are concerned about overpaying and ending up disappointed with the results of the project. You may be worried as you have no idea which contractor is trustworthy. 

You might have had a negative experience in the past and are apprehensive about working with another team again. However, you also know that waterproofing issues can’t be ignored. 

You need them looked at by professionals as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will only lead to bigger problems and more expenses. With that said, consider this list so you can identify which contractor to hire. 

Read about the industry experience. 

Waterproofing specialist

Waterproofing is usually included in the services that building contractors offer. See how long the company has been in the industry. The market is highly competitive. Being able to stay in the business for over a decade is already a huge accomplishment. 

You can be confident that the contractor is familiar with the usual needs of Singaporean homeowners and will be able to help you address your concerns. It’s also beneficial to find a team that not only focuses on waterproofing as you can get more in the process without having to look for another service provider. 

Should you encounter other issues, such as a damaged roofing system or wall painting, you can have the team look into it right away. You can take comfort in knowing that everything in your home is working properly.

Check permits and licenses.

bizsafe certficate

You don’t want to end up hiring a fly-by-night contractor. See if the business has secured all necessary permits and licenses to operate in the city. They should be duly registered under the Building and Construction Authority. 

In this regard, be sure to check BCA’s list of registered contractors and licensed builders. You should be able to find information on their registration online.

This is also one way you can check whether a contractor is consistent with the details they’re providing you. Consider it a red flag if you don’t see their name on the list or have no place of business that you can verify.

Schedule an office visit.

Kind Building Service Pte. Ltd.

Construction is an industry that depends highly on machinery, equipment, and technology. 


A reliable contractor is complete with tools that are needed for their daily operations, regarding the scale of the project. May that be a high-rise building or a residential property, they will be able to show up ready for the job. 

It won’t hurt to schedule a visit to the company office so you can also evaluate their work. Take the opportunity to get to know the team members. You’ll want to feel comfortable with your contractor. 

While you’re at it, you may also request a rough estimate of the project cost. Remember that unless the team conducts an actual inspection of the project site, they might not be able to provide you with a concrete breakdown of fees. However, they should be honest and be able to educate you on factors with variable rates. 

Hiring a waterproofing contractor in Singapore does not have to be a complicated process. By getting yourself involved right from the start, you can eventually pass the load on to your service provider. You know they know what they’re doing and they won’t break your trust. 

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